Tips for a busy life

Get Together
Busy lives can often get in the way of family life, but food is a great excuse to get the whole family together, so why not invite everyone round for a delicious dinner and reconnect. Plus, take the stress of out cooking for everyone by trying our quick and easy curry recipe.

Batch Cook
Save yourself time and money by batch cooking a recipe like this Peri Peri Chicken dish and eating it for lunch throughout the week. You can try adding different seasoning each day to mix things up or batch cook two recipes and alternate.

Make Time For Each Other
After a hectic day, it can be all too tempting to slump in front of the TV, but it’s important to spend time connecting with the people you love. Why not organise a date night at home – go screen free, light a few candles and be present in conversation over dinner. With no distractions you’ll be able to fully enjoy each others company.

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