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Make the most of your cupboard staples

After a busy day, we all have had that storecupboard stare wondering what to cook – it’s a universal thing. We get it. We’ve been there. That’s why we’re launching our Tilda Rice #GoldenStorecupboard for the busy consumer who craves cooking convenience.


When life gets busy, it can be hard to find the time to go shopping and cook tasty dishes for lunch or dinner. This can lead to the ‘store cupboard stare’ – that pre-lunch or dinner moment where we just stare at our cupboards wondering what to cook. We know, we’ve been there. All that’s needed is a little inspiration to help people come up with tasty recipes ideas.

Actually, new research commissioned by Tilda found out that three-quarters (75 per cent) of Brits are feeling uninspired by what’s in their food cupboards, and a third (33 per cent) of Brits are looking in their cupboards and fridges multiple times and walking away unenthused by what’s there.



We all have our kitchen a cupboard filled with food items we use sporadically. Vinegar, stock cubes and tinned vegetables are some of the most unloved foods in the nation’s kitchen cupboards – with many of them languishing unused for five YEARS or more due to lack of food inspiration. Tinned tuna, chickpeas, kidney beans and various herbs and spices also made the list alongside a wide range of sauces. All these items tend to be unloved and suffer from a poor perception when in fact we pick them because they are valuable time-savers, already cooked, easy & quick to use in recipes.

Another great advantage of cupboard staples is cost. With the recent increases in the cost of living, Brits have been purchasing 15 per cent more ‘cupboard items’ to bolster their store cupboards and to help reduce the overall cost of their shopping baskets. And 23 per cent have been delving into the depths of their cupboards more over the last six months, to create more affordable meals.

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Simple meals with fewer ingredients and including store cupboard staples are increasing in popularity. The recipe generator is aiming at helping people to make the most of these items that can be perceived very ‘basic’ but are often versatile and can be eaten alongside a variety of dishes. Rice is a good example. Only a third of Brits believe rice is an easy cupboard staple ingredient to use despite 42% seeing it as an ingredient suitable for all the family.

How the tool works? Simply pick your store cupboard staples alongside a pack of Tilda microwave rice and enjoy a selection of cost-effective recipes bursting with delicious flavours and satisfying textures that make mealtime decisions easier and celebrate the flavours of the world.


With people’s lives becoming increasingly busy and the continuous rise of living costs, adding vegetables into your meals can be seen as a struggle. They take time to peel, chop and cook and it can be hard to feel inspired by them. According to the OnePoll.com data, almost a third of Brits think including enough vegetables in their meals is at least somewhat difficult.

With so many struggling to get enough veg into their diet, we have included vegetables into our golden recipe generator in a bid to encourage and inspire people to get their 5 a day.

That’s also why we have launched at the start of the year new Tilda Ready to Heat Golden Vegetable rice. With 21.5% vegetable content and endless options of meals that can be created, it is a great solution to increase your vegetable intake in an affordable, quick & easy way. Explore our Golden Vegetable product!

Make the most of your cupboard staples


Alongside the lack of inspiration, the issue we’re trying to tackle with our new golden store cupboard recipe generator is waste. All these cupboard staples Brits have had in the cupboard without using for a year or more because they don’t know how to use them tend to be partially or fully wasted and we are not happy with this. We hope the recipe generator will help reduce the number of items being thrown away as a result of being unloved and un-used.