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Tilda Products

We have a wide range of products available to choose from and available across the country. Take a look at what we have to offer and embrace life in all its flavours.

Steamed Rice

Our delicious Tilda Steamed Rice range is quick, easy and made with natural ingredients.

Steamed Rice

Dry Rice

Take your scratch cooking to the next level, with high quality grains every time.

Dry Rice
Tilda Products

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About Us

Whether you are making a curry in a hurry or simple rice salad, we never compromise on purity, taste, quality or nutrition, so with Tilda you know you are in good hands. We often hear that our customers grew up eating Tilda and while we are well known for our Basmati rice, over our 50 year journey, we have become the experts in a wider variety of grains. We are always pushing ourselves to find the best possible way to deliver the best quality product to your table and be your guide through the world of rice and food.

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