A world of flavour

Our world is full of flavour

We’re the great supporter of all the world’s wonderful flavours that we find on every corner in Britain and around the world. From Jamaican to Pakistani, West African to Cantonese food. Bradford to Brick Lane and back again.

Celebrating a diverse food culture

Whether you’re building up a biryani or smashing our a stir fry we’re here to keep people inspired, trying new things, and enjoying life enriched by the cultures and flavours of the world.

Where we began

Tilda was founded in London back in the early 1970s. Our company’s name is a combination of the founder’s daughters Tila and Daksha. We introduced Pure Basmati rice in large bags to rice-loving communities from around the world, who were looking for aromatic Basmati they couldn’t find in the UK at the time. Today we offer a wide range of delicious rice and grains products to suit different lifestyles and cooking skills.

We love food

Nearly half of the world’s population eat rice as part of their staple diet. Whether it’s Basmati from the Himalayan foothills, Jasmine rice from Thailand, Arborio from the Po Valley or long grain from Northeastern Spain. From paddy to plate, we make sure that we pour all our love and energy into producing the perfect rice. We don’t do anything else. For us it’s all about taste, it’s our north star. This is why we obsess over every grain, every new recipe, and every flavour. We do not produce for anyone else.

A foodie following

For over 45 years we have been the go-to choice of rice aficionados, from great grandmothers, to great chefs. We’re proud to sit at the heart of so many dinner tables. Whether you consider yourself a foodie or not, we only provide the best grains that make your meal taste wonderful and flavourful!

Food connects us

Food is such a big part of culture. Tastes transport you to different places, expand your horizons, create great pleasure and memories. What a great way to learn about other cultures through food. To enrich all our lives by a world of diverse cultures and flavours. Because it’s about more than the food. It’s about who we are, where we come from and how we’re connected.