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Feeding your little ones our Tilda Kids range

28 June 2022


A delicious range of rice and vegetables.

We understand feeding your little one is never a simple task. Just like you, we’ve experienced the same challenge of wanting to provide a healthy nutritional meal whilst allowing children to develop their own set of preferences with textures and flavours they like to eat.

With this in mind,  Tilda has introduced a delicious Kids range of rice, including vegetables and mild flavours, perfect for children who are weaned and happily eating solid food.

The entire range of five variants is gluten-free and vegetarian, with four variants also dairy-free and suitable for vegans.

Available to purchase in your local supermarket in the baby food aisle, our pouches are bursting with yummy, natural ingredients and hidden veggies, perfect as a quick lunch or dinner meal.



Flavours include:

Crocodile.png Sunshine Vegetable

Full of vegetable goodness, perfectly paired with fish or tofu for a yummy meal.

bird.png Cheese & Tomato

Taking inspiration from a Margarita pizza (everyone loves pizza), this flavour tastes delicious with meatballs or beans.

tiger.png Mild Curry

Paired perfectly with chicken, this pouch is filled with sweet potato, sweetcorn, and apricots.

monkey.png Vegetable & Wholegrain

The flavour contains wholegrains for extra goodness, perfect with meatballs or lentils.

giraffe.png Vegetable Paella

A vegetarian twist to a classic Spanish dish, perfect with chicken and salmon.


Every pack counts as 1 of your child’s 5-a-day!

Feeding your little ones our Tilda Kids range

Delicious on their own or with chicken, fish, meatballs or more vegetables, Tilda Kids not only makes meal-times easy – but delicious and healthy too!

What’s more, they are ready in only 40 seconds in the microwave or just 3 minutes in a pan.

The perfect cupboard essential for busy parents!


girl eating rice

Partnering with Professionals

We’ve teamed up with professionals Rebecca Wilson and Lucy Upton to better understand and share with you some expert viewpoints on diets, allergens, weaning and family meal occasions.

Rebecca Wilson

Award-winning Sunday Times bestselling author


Helping parents to cook meals that can be enjoyed as a whole family around a table rather cooking separate meals has been on Rebecca’s agenda once she started her own little family. Read more about Rebecca Wilson’s blog about eating together as a family.

Rebecca Wilson-min

Lucy Upton

The Children’s Dietician

Championing the nutritional health of babies and children regardless of age, Lucy has explored different areas of expertise, giving particular focus to weaning, food allergies, children’s growing and how to feed your fussy eater. Read more about Lucy Upton and her experience on equipping families with advice and tools to provide nutritional tips for their children.


Lucy Upton