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Tilda x Natasha Kumar collaboration

18 October 2023

Tilda x Natasha Kumar collaboration

Find out more about the artist behind our new and exclusive Limited Edition Tin!

We’ve teamed up with British-Indian artist, Natasha Kumar, who has created a design for our new Limited Edition Tin, which holds our much-loved Pure Basmati rice.The tin will be available for our short period in Waitrose and Ocado, from October, so be sure to check in store to get your hands on this exclusive design, which celebrates culture through art, dance, music and food.

Contemporary design meets tradition

In Kumar’s signature, multi-layered style, deep pinks and bold blues swirl through the contemporary reworking of ancient Persian floral motifs. The infinite geometric design is a reference to the timeless nature of the dance. While the drummers and dancers work together to capture the universal joy of the human experience.

The overall design is unique, but typical of Kumar’s style – a layering of different techniques rarely found in combination: drawing, etching, and screen-printing; incorporating references to the Jali window and pictorial elements from Mughal miniatures

Tilda x Natasha Kumar collaboration

Who is Natasha Kumar? 

Natasha Kumar comes from a long line of established artists and fine figurative painters, making a lasting impression on her from a young age. She earned a first-class degree in printmaking in her hometown of Manchester, studied in Venice, and then completed a master’s in printmaking in London in 2000 – winning the London Printmaking Prize the same year.

She still works in various studios around London, specialising in oil painting, watercolour, pastel, monotype, woodcut, etching, screenprint and lithograph.

Tilda x Natasha Kumar collaboration

Colour is an essential part of Indian existence

Kumar loves to use bold and compelling colour in her work to evoke mood and feeling.   

All her designs channel the Indian aesthetic of rasa, which translates to nectar or taste. It’s a dynamic experience between the artist, the work, and those who experience its essence. And Kumar doesn’t just want you to enjoy the visuals of this tin, but to respond to the aesthetic expression – the rasa swadana, or the tasting of flavour. So, don’t leave it as an ornament – pop it open and experience the love. 

To find out more about Natasha’s artwork, check out her website here, or her Instagram here.