Rainy Day Ideas

Keeping the kids busy during the school holidays can be hard enough but add rain into the mix and it’s a recipe for cancelled plans and sighs of boredom. So we’ve come up with some simple ideas and fun things to do during the holidays, come rain or shine!

1 Cook with the kids
Getting the little ones to help you in the kitchen keeps them entertained and you’ve got lunch made all in one go! We have some great recipes for cooking with the kids – whether they’re in charge of the mixing spoon or making smiley faces with yummy frittatas. There’s something to suit all tastes and tums, so you’re sure to find something you and your little one will love.

2 Host an indoor picnic
After spending the morning cooking up tasty treats, why not layout a picnic blanket and some cushions in your living room and turn lunch time into a tea party or indoor picnic. Eating healthy treats together is a great way to teach your little ones to make healthier choices. You could also whip up a simple rainbow fruit salad for dessert.

Tilda kids smiley face fritatas

3 Throwback with old-fashioned activities
Think of all the simple things you loved doing as a kid and share them with your little ones. Break out the board games, make some veggie print pictures or pop on your raincoats and go jump in those muddy puddles. Not only will you have lots of fun together but you’ll create some lovely memories too.

4 Build a den
Get out the spare bed sheets and some clothes pegs and turn your little ones bedroom into a fairytale castle or pirate den to play pretend in. You could even grab some popcorn and snuggle up inside to watch a movie. Add twinkly lights to make it extra magical.

5 Team-up for an obstacle course
Some sports are best left outdoors but building an indoor obstacle course will help get the kids moving. Use tape to mark out a tight rope or stepping-stones, climb over cushions and under blankets and weave in and out of cuddly toys.  Work together as a team to get from one room to the next.

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