Kids food trends

More and more parents are becoming health conscious when it comes to what their kids are eating. However, in our increasingly hectic lives, it’s often hard to keep up to date with the latest food trends. So to make life a little easier we have compiled a list of the top food trends for kids this summer…

1: The transitioning of the ‘kids’ menu

If you are planning a meal out with your family during the summer holidays, have a look at the kids menu ahead of time. Many eateries are changing the food options available for children and are swapping those hot dogs for something a little more nutritious. Chefs are getting creative at making meals healthier but still appealing to kids.

Tip: Swap those fizzy drinks for a glass of milk.

2: Transform the foods kids want

We all know it can sometimes be a struggle to get your kids to eat something different. Try switching out some basic ingredients in foods they would want to eat in order to make them healthier. For example, if you were making a pizza, use whole wheat flour instead of white flour and add some healthy toppings!

3: Teach them to associate good food with less healthy options

We have all hidden fruit and veggies in our kids’ meals to secretly give them the nutrients they need. Try and get them to associate certain foods with each other, for example, add strawberries to the plate of their dessert and eventually, they will instinctively reach for both options when given the choice.

4: Flavour exploration

Children are becoming more and more tolerant of trying different flavours, so instead of a cheese sandwich why not try a healthy Asian style dish. Take them on an around the world journey and introduce them to flavours from across the globe.

5: Summer snacking

During the summer holidays, get the kids involved at snack time, why not create healthy animal shaped snacks? This will keep them occupied whilst teaching them skills they will use in the future and it will give them a healthy snack at the end of it.

However, if you are pushed for time, try swapping sugary snacks for wholemeal pitta bread pockets filled with sliced veggies and hummus.