Feel good and join our Urban Tri

Urban Tri at home

We held three fantastic nights of food, fitness and feel good. After a HIIT session from celebrity personal trainer Bradley Simmonds and a chance to learn postures and meditation from yoga guru Steffy White, we topped it off with a taste of Tilda, whipped up by chef and fitness model, Chris Baber. All proceeds from the ticket sales went to the The Felix Project. If you want to to recreate our Urban Tri at home, check out Bradley and Steffy’s workout videos and cook along with Chris’ delicious recipes below.

Bradley Simmonds, Personal Trainer


Steffy White, Yoga Instructor


Chris Baber, Food Blogger


Work out with celebrity PT Bradley Simmonds

Try Steffy's top 5 yoga postures

Check out Steffy's top 5 yoga postures and top tips on how to get it right. Consult a doctor before engaging in exercise.