Top Tips for Healthy Eating and Living

In this time of uncertainty, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is hugely important. We’ve partnered with acclaimed chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL and Consultant Nutritionist Azmina Govindji to bring you some delicious recipe inspiration using easily accessible ingredients to try out at home and some really simple tips to follow to help keep you healthy and nourished during lockdown.

We are proud to be partnering once again with acclaimed celebrity chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL. Cyrus hopes to encourage the nation to cook delicious, healthy meals helping to keep spirits up at home, during this lockdown period. He shares with us a collection of recipes to recreate at home from cupboard essentials to one pot dishes and global flavours to healthy nutritious meals.

It is an honour to be working with Consultant Nutritionist, Azmina Govindji. Azmina is an award-winning registered dietitian who was chief dietitian to Diabetes UK for 8 years and is a best-selling author and TV nutrition expert. Azmina is championing healthy eating at home and shares her top tips for eating well during lockdown.

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Quick and Easy Recipes with Cupboard Essentials

“You needn’t look any further than inside your kitchen cupboards or pantry to find some great ingredients to cook quick and easy meals with. Rice is an extremely versatile ingredient and works deliciously across most cuisines. Here are some of my favourite ways to use rice to cook up a quick and easy dish.”

Azmina says…

Balancing meals by having a source of carbs (such as rice), protein, fruit and vegetables helps us get a full range of essential nutrients. A range of nutrients, including vitamins and minerals in the diet can act together to support normal immune function. It’s useful to aim for at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

One-pot Dishes

“With families staying at home during this time, one-pot dishes are a great way to feed and please everyone. These recipes will make light work of batch cooking giving you more time to spend with the family.”

Azmina recommends…

With many of us at home with the children while schools are closed, it could be a good time to try out some simple recipes to make together – you could even share your creations on social media. I’m sure the kids would love to take pictures of the food they’ve cooked and share them with friends and family.

Global Flavours

“No doubt you’re familiar with a Biryani and a Pulao but there are so many other interesting rice-based recipes from all around the world that you can easily create at home. Enjoy getting a bit more creative with rice by following these global rice recipes.”

Azmina advises…

Eat wholegrains daily. For example, enjoy brown basmati rice as it’s a great source of fibre, essential B vitamins and minerals. Research suggests that people with a healthy heart tend to eat more whole grains.

Healthy Eating

“It’s so important we look after our health during this time and what we eat plays a vital role in this. To help us feel fuller for longer and avoid reaching for unhealthy snacks you should incorporate brown rice into your diet. A great source of fibre and a tasty base to many dishes, try out these simple brown rice recipes.”

Azmina understands…

It can be easy to comfort eat when stressed, anxious, sad or bored. You may find mindful eating may be helpful. Some strategies include: • Take smaller bites, chew well and put cutlery down between mouthfuls.
• Pay attention to the smell, taste and texture of the food and stop when you feel comfortably full.
• Remove distractions such as TV or other screens while eating.

“You may have been trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle for years and somehow just haven’t been able to manage it. Consider making a commitment today, taking one small step at a time. Building healthier habits can benefit you and your family in the long term. A healthy diet can promote good overall health, help support your immune function and keep you energised. Check out my top tips on quick and easy ways to eat well and stay well”

If you eat a wide range of healthy foods, you have a better chance of maintaining good physical and mental health. Dried foods, for example, that are cost-effective and easy to cook, such as rice, beans and lentils can make simple, nutritious meals by providing protein and fibre.

Foods that give you iron such as lean red meat, quinoa and kidney beans can help reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Your body makes vitamin D when exposed to UVB rays of the sun. Get out into the sunshine when your shadow is shorter than you – expose your skin to the sun without sunblock for a few minutes. If you’re not able to do this, take a daily supplement of 10micrograms of vitamin D. People who are dark-skinned need to spend longer in the sun to make the same amount of vitamin D as fair-skinned people.

Foods that provide B vitamins, such as wholegrain basmati rice and fortified breakfast cereals, can contribute to normal psychological function. Choose them regularly.

Aim for at least 5-a-day. It doesn’t need to be fresh; you can choose canned fruit in natural juice, dried fruit, frozen fruits or a small glass of fruit juice (which counts once a day). Frozen or canned vegetables are a perfect convenient way to achieve your 5-a-day.

Experiment with more plant-based foods. Research suggests that vegetarians who eat more wholegrains, fruits and vegetables have lower blood cholesterol, lower blood pressure and lower rates of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Eating foods with lots of different natural colours gives you a wider range of nutrients. Vegetables like red peppers, orange carrots and green peas also make meals look more appetising.

Convenience foods like quick-cook noodles, eggs, frozen vegetables, microwavable rice pouches and stir-fry fresh veg packs are good examples of foods you can use to create heathy meals. If you’re eating a ready meal or fast food, open a can of sweetcorn or beans to give you an extra portion of vegetables.

Try to choose healthier cooking methods to keep an eye on your weight. Grill, bake, roast, microwave or steam foods rather than frying.

Encourage your children to enjoy the delicious array of home cooked foods that are nutritious and quick to prepare. Check out some of the recipes here: Leftover Omelette Bake is a great one for helping kids get creative in the kitchen.

We’re inviting you to try out some of our delicious recipes during lockdown. Take a picture of the finished dish and tag @TildaRice on Facebook or Instagram to be in with a chance of having your dish feature on this page!