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Sufganiyot, a delicious jam filled doughnut that is eaten over Hanukkah in remembrance of the oil during the seven days.

  • 16 - 30 Minutes
  • Easy
  • 2

This recipe uses:

Rice MLK

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  • Rice Mlk 180ml
  • 7g dried yeast
  • 45g Sugar
  • 22g Butter or plant butter softened.
  • 320g plain flour
  • ¼ orange zest
  • To fill-
  • 200g Jam (flavour optional)

How to make Sufganiyot

  1. To start, gently warm the rice mlk until it is lukewarm, add the yeast and a tsp of the sugar and whisk. Let it sit for 10 minutes or until it is frothy.

  2. Add the butter, sugar and flour and zest. Mix with a spoon until the dough comes together.

  3. If you have a mixer, use the dough hook and knead for 5 minutes until the dough springs back when pressed. If you are hand kneading knead for 10 mins and check for the same spring. Once the dough is kneaded place in a bowl and cover with a damp clean cloth and wait until the dough has doubled in size.

  4. Divide the dough into roughly 8 portions or 75g balls. Roll each portion into a ball and place on a square of parchment paper. Gently flatten with your fingers so you have a flatter disc. Wait for the dough to double in size again. If you can keep them in a warm place.

  5. When they are ready heat your oil to 180 degrees C. If you unsure you can buy a sugar thermometer to check.

  6. Gently place the ball facedown into the oil with a slotted spoon. Wait until the underside is golden and then flip over to cook the other side. Once golden remove and allow to cool.

  7. Take a piping bag and fill with the filling of your choice. Poke a hole into the centre of the doughnut and pipe the filling into the doughnut until you feel a slight resistance.

  8. Sprinkle with sugar and eat them immediately!