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Duck and Beetroot Risotto

A vibrant blend of honey cooked beetroot and tender duck with garlic and shallots

Herbed Seafood Biryani

Seafood Biryani with herbs; succulent scallops, crabmeat, prawns, a herby broth with dill, coriander and mint, pine nuts and aromatic Tilda basmati rice. Recipe by Alfred Prasad, courtesy of <a href="">Great British Chefs</a>.

Mexican Stacks

These Mexican stacks are layered with guacamole, cheese, and Lime & Herb Super Grains, making them an excellent appetizer ahead of a Mexican food dinner.

Lamb and Rice Tagine with Dried Cherries

Rich lamb cooked with nutty Tilda Wholegrain rice and lots of lovely spices in a tagine to make a rich, warming, and comforting dish. Recipe by Helen Graves, courtesy of <a href="">Great British Chefs</a>.

Duck Breast with Red Curry-Infused Jasmine Rice

Sliced grilled duck breast served on a bed of beautifully fragrant Tilda Jasmine Rice. Recipe by Food Urchin, courtesy of <a href="">Great British Chefs</a>.

Garlic, Coriander and White Pepper Roast Chicken

A twist on the classic Hainanese poached chicken rice dish using exotic Tilda Basmati & Wild Rice. Recipe by Shu Han Lee, courtesy of <a href="">Great British Chefs</a>.

White Chocolate Rice Pudding Parfait with Poached Winter Fruits

Rice pudding is a childhood classic, but chef Andrew MacKenzie brings this dish up to date with gentle spices of cinnamon and nutmeg, creamy white chocolate and deliciously tender poached fruits. Adding whipped cream to the cooked and cooled basmati rice adds a luxurious edge, turning it from a traditional pudding to a wonderful parfait.

Rice Pudding Brulee with Salted Nut Praline

Creamy Brulee style rice puddings with a topping of crushed salted praline

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