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For every specially marked pack of Tilda Pure Basmati sold we'll donate one nutrition boosting supplement to a new or expectant mum in need.

The Cookbook

Our Mums Helping Mums cookbook is packed full of delicious, wholesome recipes, created by mums themselves, including Rachel Stevens, Manju Malhi and Lorraine Pascale.

For every purchase of a special pack of steamed or dry Pure Basmati Rice displaying the Mums Helping Mums logo, we’ll donate a nutritional supplement to help aid expectant mums in less privileged countries.

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When you buy any of our steamed or dry Pure Basmati Rice with the Mums Helping Mums logo, we’ll donate one meal or one day’s meals through the World Food Programme, to ensure expectant mums in less fortunate areas can give their babies the correct nutrition.

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Each pack marked ‘One Pack = One Meal’ funds equivalent to one nutritional supplement (10p) and each pack marked ‘One Pack = One Day’s Meals’ funds equivalent to three nutritional supplements (30p) through WFP for expectant or nursing mothers in Bangladesh. Campaign timing: Sept-Oct 2017. WFP does not endorse any product or service.