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Veganuary 2024 - Simple tips for going Vegan

03 January 2024

Veganuary 2024 – Simple tips for going Vegan

Simple tips for going Vegan

Why January is the perfect month for trying out a vegan diet

If you’ve ever thought about going vegan then January is the ideal time to try it. Especially if like many of us, you ate a bit too much over the holiday season and now want to focus on healthier foods! But Veganuary isn’t just about being good, because veganism is also kinder to animals and great for the planet too.

What is Veganuary?

Every year, around half a million people in the UK take the Veganuary challenge by following a vegan diet for a whole month. And according to a Veganuary study, roughly two thirds of people who complete it will go vegan for good. Are you ready to join the Veganuary revolution? Let’s explore all the delicious plant-based possibilities a vegan diet has to offer.

What does going vegan mean?

Going vegan isn’t just about following a plant-based diet. It also means eliminating all animal-derived products from your day-to-day life and choosing a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle that’s better for the environment. While there’s a long list of things that vegans can’t eat, including meat, fish, eggs, honey, milk and dairy products, there’s also a whole new veggiverse out there just waiting to be discovered. From fresh fruits and vegetables, to protein-packed legumes and grains (including the mighty rice of course), bread, pasta and vegetable oils, the plant-based possibilities are as abundant as they are delicious.

Veganuary 2024 – Simple tips for going Vegan

Why a vegan diet is good for you

The health benefits of going vegan are numerous, as many of the highly processed foods we normally eat are replaced by fresh produce alternatives. Typically, a vegan diet will be packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, which help to improve digestion, boost our immune systems and help to prevent chronic diseases. Cutting out meat and dairy also reduces saturated fat and cholesterol, so it’s great for your heart health.Winner, winner, non-chicken dinner, you could say.

Rice is a vegan’s best friend

For vegans, rice is nothing short of a culinary superhero. Rich in carbohydrates, it can provide all the energy you need along with nourishing vitamins and minerals. You’ll never be short of recipe ideas either (just look around tilda.com) as rice is a versatile canvas, ready to be painted with vibrant stir-fries, hearty curries and scrumptious risottos. And with Tilda’s premium rice varieties, you can elevate your vegan creations to new heights of deliciousness. 

Start with vegan alternatives

Going fully vegan for a month may feel like a daunting task at first, but making the transition can be easier if you start with dishes you already know. It can be as simple as substituting meat ingredients for a plant based alternative. For instance, you could make a lasagna using soya mince, vegan cheese and plant-based milk for the bechamel sauce using our Rice MILK. taOr a jacket potato with beans and vegan cheese. And don’t forget all the rice dishes you can make with tofu instead of meat. Once you’ve got a few staple vegan dishes down, simply add new recipes as your knowledge of vegan food grows.

Veganuary 2024 – Simple tips for going Vegan

Veganuary gets bigger every year

In 2023, a record 700,000 people joined the Veganuary challenge worldwide. And according to Veganuary themselves, the unofficial number is likely to be much higher. In the UK, a survey by YouGov revealed 4% of respondents took part in Veganuary 2023, and 9% of the UK had participated since it began in 2014. Veganuary is blowing up social channels too with over 300 million followers worldwide, clocking up 894 million Tik Tok views to date. 

Join the Veganuary challenge

To get involved in January 2024, sign up at the official website here, where you’ll find lots of inspiration and Veganuary recipes. Or if you prefer, simply start eating a vegan diet yourself, you don’t even have to wait until January. Get started today, with our tasty vegan rice recipes below.

Veganuary recipes and inspiration from Tilda

We’ve picked some of our favourite vegan dishes to whet your appetite. 

We wish you a Happy New Year and a tasty Veganuary!