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Freestyle Recipe #41 'Chicken & Prawn Thai Green Curry'

Add more or less chillis to suit your preferred levels of heat.

Freestyle Recipe #10 'Jabina's Thai Curry'

Jabina's curry works great with either prawns or cod. You can control the level of coconut, by adding more or less coconut milk.

Freestyle Recipe #16 'Super Grain Thai Chicken'

Add a twist to your Thai Green curry with any of our delicious Super Grains!

Freestyle Recipe #19 'Totally Thai Prawn Curry'

With this delicious dish you can vary the tamarind, fish sauce and lime juice to suit your taste.

Freestyle Recipe #22 'Tilda Thai Green'

When Freestyling Thai, you can work with a flavour base of lemongrass, kaffir, lime and coconut.

Freestyle Recipe #25 'Sweet Chilli Tofu'

Mix up this dish however you like with different veggies.

Freestyle Recipe #28 'Mina's Thai'

Add a new dimension to Thai and garnish with pomegranate seeds.

Freestyle Recipe #34 'Janini & John's Thai Curry'

The aubergines make a perfect veggie starter for this chicken & prawn curry.

Freestyle Recipe #37 'Massi Special'

A freestyle spin on Thai, using carrots and courgettes, but still building on the foundations of green curry paste and coconut.

Freestyle Recipe #42 ‘Sinsa Mode Thai Curry’

Get creative by including lots of different vegetables in your curries!

Freestyle Recipe #45 ‘Classic Thai Green Curry’

A fragrant Thai green curry with kaffir leaves and lemongrass. Perfect with coconut rice.

Freestyle Recipe #47 ‘Thai'me to Eat!’

The perfect midweek meal, you can vary the vegetables to your favourites to keep it fresh every week. Substitute the prawns to make this vegetarian.

Freestyle Recipe #49 ‘Thai Green Curry’

A tempting Thai green curry that will go perfectly with our coconut rice.

Freestyle Recipe #54 ‘Tofu & Prawn Thai Sensation’

Tofu is versatile and goes well with this Thai-inspired recipe. Leave out the prawns for a fully vegetarian dish!

Freestyle Recipe #59 ‘Coconut Thai Boats’

These lettuce boats are great finger food for a party. The signature Thai taste comes from the green curry paste, lemongrass, and coconut milk.

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