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Freestyle Recipe #2 'Taco Time'

Dial up your tacos with our Spicy Mexican rice, and add some chillies for an extra kick!

Freestyle Recipe #5 'Carefree Cod Fajitas'

Dial up these fish tacos with more heat and flavour by adding more chipotle paste or even some chillies!

Freestyle Recipe #14 'H&D's Amazing Mexican Heaven'

This rice is really versatile and fits perfectly in a freestyle quesadilla. You can also try this recipe with chicken!

Freestyle Recipe #21 'Rainbow Prawn Quesadilla'

A yummy quesadilla, which you can try with queso fresco in place of feta for a more Mexican flair!

Freestyle Recipe #17 'Mexican Madness'

You don't need tortillas or tacos to make a great Mexican dish like this one!

Freestyle Recipe #33 'Morris & Marieke's Mexican'

Chicken quesadillas are on the menu, perfect with a whole selection of our ready to heat rice & grains!

Freestyle Recipe #44 ‘Smokey Fish Tacos’

Cod tacos with a super Mexican salsa. Add some chillies to up the spice levels.

Freestyle Recipe #55 ‘Prawn Tacos’

Freestyle these tacos with chillies and chipotle paste for more heat. Don't forget the guac!

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