Get more from your favourite dishes with Tilda Tasty Wholegrains! A delicious source of fibre that dials up the goodness without compromising on taste!

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“Fibre is an often overlooked part of a healthy diet. It’s crucial for healthy digestion so it is a key factor to consider when planning nutritious and well balanced meals! The recommended daily intake of fibre for an adult is 30g. It’s actually really easy to add more fibre into your diet, by eating whole foods, like fruit and veg and wholegrains, there’s ten top tips below. You can look for products that say ‘Source of fibre’ on the pack, like the Tilda Tasty Wholegrains range, as this means that the product is certified as containing fibre.”

Rhiannon Lambert’s top ten tips for incorporating more fibre into your diet

1. Aim to have a high fibre lunch, to sustain you and keep you full throughout the day. Why not include brown breads, grains and wholegrain rice as part of your meal to help you reach you reach your goal of 30g of fibre a day.

2. Snack smart – have a slice of wholemeal bread with different toppings such as peanut butter, hummus, avocado or even some cheese and fruit. If you’re not a fan of toast with toppings try some veggie crudités and dips.

3. If having a soup always go for a veggie mix and top with seeds, on the side try a slice of wholemeal bread or oatcakes. Another idea would be to add some rice to your soup for an added bit of fibre.

4. Add extra veggies to your sauces such as a bolognaise sauce or even a curry sauce.

5. Bulk up your dishes with pulses, lentils or beans to add some more texture and additional fibre.

6. Opt for smoothies over fruit juices, get creative and mix up the variety of fruit and even try adding some flaxseed or oats.

7. Leave the skin on your veggies and potatoes, a common misconception is that they are inedible, when actually they contain a lot of fibre and some nutrients too. Just ensure they are well cooked as this will aid digestion.

8. Serve your chilli or curry with Tilda Tasty Wholegrains for a boost of fibre with 3.8g per 125g portion.

9. Not all wholegrain products are high in fibre, so if you can’t get these then why not opt for products that are a source of fibre, which you can get from the Tilda Tasty Wholegrains range.

10. Make a simple sugar swap every now and again, opt for some dried fruit over your usual pick me up chocolate in the afternoon. Just 80g of dried apricots contain 5g of fibre and 80g of prunes 4.6g of fibre.

Rhiannon Lambert is Founder of leading Harley Street clinic Rhitrition and is registered with the Association for Nutrition (RNutr).

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