Home Recipes Sweet Chilli Fish with Rice

Sweet Chilli Fish with Rice

  • 31 - 60 Minutes
  • Medium
  • 4

Delicious sweet chilli fish bursting with delicious flavours and with slightly sticky Tilda Fragrant Jasmine rice to soak up the sweet, spicy and sour glossy sauce.



400g Tilda Fragrant Jasmine rice
300g Fish fillet, cubed
¼ each Green pepper, red pepper and orange pepper, cubed
1 Egg
4 tbsp Plain flour
200l Water
100g Rock sugar
30g Red chili powder
1tbsp Cornstarch, mix with 2tbsp cold water
½ tsp Salt

  1. Cook the rice following the pack instructions.
  2. Mix the egg, plain flour and salt to make a batter, and coat the fish fillets. Then fry the fillets until golden colour.
  3. Dissolve the rock sugar in boiling water in a pan, then pour the red chili powder and cornstarch water to cook until thickened and forms the sweet chili sauce. Then coat the fillets with the sauce and serve with the rice.

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