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Freestyle Recipe #6 'Southern Surprise'

Can't beat this tasty South Indian cod! It works great with chicken as well, and you can freestyle it with more veg!

Freestyle Recipe #9 'Lemon and Herb Delight'

The dill adds a tasty finishing touch, but you can try out coriander as well!

Freestyle Recipe #12 'South Indian Chicken Curry'

Find your South Indian freestyle with this curry! Switch chicken with cod for another great combination.

Freestyle Recipe #18 'South Indian Cod Curry'

This dish looks amazing but it tastes even better! Let the cod marinate for as long as you want… the flavours will intensify.

Freestyle Recipe #26 'Healthy South Indian Dish'

For a slightly different take on this scrumptious dish, try with lentils instead of chickpeas.

Freestyle Recipe #31 'Harry's Curry'

A cod (or any white fish!) dish, this brings the South Indian flavours to your home!

Freestyle Recipe #3 ‘Keralan Fish Curry’

This delicious and quick Keralan Fish Curry promises to bring a world of flavours to your kitchen.

Freestyle Recipe #48 ‘Colourful Cauliflower Curry’

This fish and cauliflower curry is a feast for the eyes. Let it simmer for longer to infuse it with wonderful flavours from the ingredients.

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