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Freestyle Recipe #1 'Fruity Caribbean Fried Rice'

Tangy fruit adds a different layer to this Caribbean fried rice - Freestyle with different citrus fruits!

Freestyle Recipe #7 'East Meets West'

This wonderful fusion can easily be made vegan by leaving out the chicken.

Freestyle Recipe #13 'Caribbean Coconut Prawn Tacos'

Freestyling means that fusing two cuisines is no problem. Coconut rice will add a tropical vibe to this dish.

Freestyle Recipe #15 'Caribbean Prawn Salad'

This salad can easily be freestyled with the veggies of your choice.

Freestyle Recipe #24 'Amelia's Caribbean Cod Dish'

A fun Caribbean cod mix. You can add a variety of peppers here!

Freestyle Recipe #27 'Prawn Party'

This party of prawns can be freestyled to a party of chicken.

Freestyle Recipe #32 'Caribbean Courgette Rice'

For all the courgette lovers out there, try this Caribbean-style dish with our Super Grains.

Freestyle Recipe #35 'Caribbean 1-Pot Jambalaya'

This Caribbean-style jambalaya features prawns and a taste of coconut.

Freestyle Recipe #40 'Surfed up on the Shore-ditch'

Another freestyle fusion! Why not use taco shells to eat a tasty rice, grains, and jerk prawn mix?

Freestyle Recipe #43 ‘Coco-Caribbean’

A delight for the senses, this tofu dish delivers on coconut flavours!

Freestyle Recipe #46 ‘Blow The Roof Off This Cart!’

A twist on Caribbean cuisine, through adding chipotle paste. The allspice and coconut milk can be dialed up to add in that island feel.

Freestyle Recipe #52 ‘Jamaican Me Stir Crazy!’

Caribbean dish with our Rice and Peas, and a colourful salsa on the side. Freestyle with your favourite vegetables.

Freestyle Recipe #60 ‘Hot & Spicy Caribbean curry’

The jerk paste can really give this cod and prawn curry a kick. Add chillies for even more heat!

Freestyle Recipe #66 ‘Jamaican Jerk Rice Salad’

Another fusion of cuisines, with Caribbean heat coming together with our Peri Peri rice, and a fruity pomegranate twist.

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