Sweet teriyaki flavours and sticky Jasmine rice combine with spring onions and crunchy water chestnuts for a delicious, bold taste of Japan.

Hibachi – Style Fried Rice

Experience delicious flavours from a Japanese restaurant at home! Hibachi fried rice is a cooking style in which cooked rice is heated in a pan with butter and soy sauce. We combine Limited Edition Japanese Teriyaki rice with chicken coated in soy sauce, egg and the delicious flavours of ginger and garlic for a super quick and easy dish. Tildalicious

Honey Sesame Salmon

This baked salmon has a delicious sticky honey glaze which perfectly accompanies the flavours of our tasty Limited Edition Japanese Teriyaki rice. Top the salmon with sesame seeds for crunch and texture and serve with pak choi, a traditional leafy Asian vegetable, for a quick and easy Japanese inspired dinner.

Yaki Onigiri

Tasty grilled rice balls with a crispy, golden crust and a soft sticky centre. Our Limited Edition Japanese Teriyaki rice means you will need minimal ingredients and time to create this moreish Japanese favourite. Looks like hard work, ready in minutes – a recipe worth boasting about! Tildalicious tip: if desired the onigiri can have a filling such as pickled

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