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Katsu Curry In A Hurry With The Alchemist

05 April 2022 - Written by  Tilda Kitchen

We found out that 22% of us are looking for timesaving kitchen shortcuts!

What’s more, 21% of Londoners love to eat Katsu curry when they are out but aren’t confident cooking it at home. Whether that is knowing the ingredients that go into making a Katsu curry, not having the time or not having the confidence to attempt it, we don’t want you to miss out on delicious Katsu curry flavours at home any longer. So to help we’ve teamed up with chef Tom Rowley from The Alchemist to show us a thing or two about how to make a Katsu curry quickly and with no fuss. At The Alchemist, katsu curry is their most popular dish so Tom has shared with us some top tips and hacks on how to enjoy the flavours at home midweek when you are short on time. Check out the video below:

Want to know the best hack for a Katsu Curry in a hurry, especially for those mid week moments? Introducing Tilda Katsu Curry rice – the perfect shortcut! We found that our Katsu Curry rice combines many of the ingredients that are found in The Alchemists delicious dish, including a traditional blend of spices to save you from having to buy them all separately! The Alchemist love using our Jasmine rice, which is the same superior quality grain that is found in our Katsu Curry rice pouch, but ready in just 2 minutes! We really have done all the hard work for you, making this the ultimate shortcut for katsu curry flavours in minutes. All you might want to do, depending on where the mood takes you, is either fry or oven bake yourself some breaded chicken to complete the dish or if you want to go the vegan route, have you tried adding some breadcrumb to some aubergine or Tofu? Equally tasty if you wanted to personalise your plate further.

Hacks and advice from you and our partners

  1. Did you know 1 in 5 love to eat Katsu Curry when they are out, but they aren’t confident cooking it at home? Some may call us biased, but we believe the best shortcut for getting katsu curry flavours at home is our Limited Edition Katsu Curry rice which contains a traditional blend of spices found in a katsu curry, saving you from buying them all separately. It also contains the same superior quality Jasmine rice, but ready in just 2 minutes!
  2. You can also bulk cook and freeze your curry base into portions so it’s ready at hand. Watch this video by MasterChef finalist Dean Edwards to see how it’s done!
  3. The Good Bite has also shared his favourite time-saving hack to make a Katsu Curry in a hurry as well as a wide range of other dishes: grate your ginger and garlic as it is so much faster than chopping!
  4. Cutting and tenderising meat as part of your meal preparation? A timesaving kitchen hack shared by Letsmunch, which promises to make this process a lot quicker and cleaner, is to lay out cling film on your chopping board when you’re cutting and tenderising your meat, so you get no meat juice on your chopping board.
  5. We also ran a competition to hear about your kitchen hacks and our winner Emma England said that she throws all her leftovers from a Sunday Roast into a delicious Monday night curry, a great way to reduce waste! She uses chopped onion to save time, and our quick and easy rice pouches to elevate her plate in minutes!

As part of the competition, you sent us loads of hacks and here are just a sample:

  1. If you like a refreshing zing, juice a lemon by putting it in the microwave for 10 seconds before squeezing it over your dish. You’ll get a lot more juice for a lot less effort!
  2. Cooking a recipe that requires softened butter, but your butter has gone hard after sitting in the fridge for too long? We’ve all been there. Stop fridge hard butter from slowing you down by grating it into your recipe. (If you’re making mash potato, this hack will stop it from going gloopy from adding hard pieces of butter too!)
  3. Trying putting a whole chilli in the freezer and defrost under a hot tap for a few seconds when you last minute want to add some heat to a dish!
  4. Finally, save time and money by batch cooking, it is the perfect way to prepare for busy weeks ahead – you can thank us later!

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