Tilda Rice at Manchester Grammar School

Manchester Grammar School has used Tilda rice in their canteen for over 27 years, providing their students with good quality and nutritious food that tastes as great as it looks.

With Easy Cook Basmati a firm favourite on the menu, Richard Palombella, Head of Catering at Manchester Grammar, shares why it’s the go-to rice of choice for his kitchen.

Combining all the health benefits of wholegrain with the delicious taste, performance and popularity of white rice, Tilda Brown & White is also winner with their pupils, with the rice making an appearance in healthy stir fries and salads.

The school offers a wide variety of weekly dishes that explore tastes and flavours from around the world, with Fragrant Jasmine a popular choice for Thai curries and Japanese katsu chicken.

International long distance runner and PhD student Jess Piasecki is also a big advocate of Tilda rice, and shared with Manchester Grammar pupils why it’s her fuel of choice.

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