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Hear from our experts

25 October 2022

Hear from our experts

Hear from the experts at Kings Lynn Hospital and the Royal Oldham Hospital where we put our rice to the test

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We spoke with Stewart Nimmo, Catering Manager and Nikki Carter, Assistant Head Chef at
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital and got their insight on the benefits of Brown and White Rice
at their very busy hospital. Here’s what they had to say:

“Goes well with any meal” “versatile”

“Cooking Brown and White together, there’s been no difference in cooking time, it’s been simple”

“Our aim is to feed the patients as well as we can, and as efficient as we can”

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We also spoke with professionals, Stephen Lowe, Catering Service Manager and Tracey Leach, Deputy Catering Service Manager who gave their insight. With over 400 patients, 1,000 staff members and hundreds of visitors trying the Brown and White Rice, they loved the benefits and it was easy to see why!

“Rice goes with a lot of things”

“It saves us a step in the kitchen, it saves us mixing it as it’s already been done for us!”

“Rice is very popular”

“You eat with your eyes and I think it looks very nice”

“It’s good for you, the brown rice makes it even better for you”

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