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Journey into Flavour with Tilda Basmati & Wild

24 October 2023


The best combination of the mysterious East and the Wild West – this blend of the finest fragrant Tilda Basmati and exotic Wild Rice creates a luxury feel on your menu, perfect for Christmas and dark night treat missions, while remaining affordable. Embrace your wild side and discover our adventurous recipes below. Plus, claim your free sample to try today!

Top Trends for Winter

To support the drive for premium menus which protect profitability, we have identified the top customer and flavour trends for you to introduce on your Winter menus.

‘Treat’ is a leading mission for 2023/4, so embrace your wild side with trending recipes guaranteed to leave guests feeling treated. Specialty mushrooms, street-food influences and modern nostalgia dishes are taking the foodservice industry by storm. Get your FREE Winter Menus Cheat Sheet, packed full of flavour trends and recipes to elevate your plate.

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A gourmet blend with endless possibilities. Did you know that 75% of consumers are willing to pay for higher quality?

The attractive and unique appearance of Basmati & Wild on plate impresses guests
and elevates your plate.

If you are a UK foodservice or hospitality business, claim your free 500g sample today!

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Why Basmati & Wild rice wins

  • Richer, nutty flavour from wild grains
  • Mass appeal from basmati grains
  • Exotic, attractive and unique appearance
  • Affordable premiumisation
  • Parboiled for improved holding abilities and resilience to over-cooking
  • Suitable for gluten-free diets, vegetarians and vegans
  • Endorsed by the Craft Guild of Chef
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How to cook Basmati and Wild rice

Cook up Basmati & Wild rice to perfection every time with these simple and easy to follow instructions.

Basmati’s magical aroma and delicate fluffy texture is the perfect companion for wild rice with it’s firmer texture and black tea notes, giving your favourite dishes a unique, wonderful nutty flavour. With these simple and easy to follow instructions, you’ll be able to cook it to perfection.

How to Cook Basmati and Wild