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05 April 2024


Bring the vibrant colours and zesty flavours of Thai cuisine to your menus this Spring in celebration of Thai New Year.

Songkran is a festival that celebrates Thai New Year, which takes place every April, marking the beginning of the new solar year.

Add the light, fresh flavours of Thai cuisine to your menus this Spring with Jasmine rice, a central staple in Thai dishes.

Thai tradition involves dining styles of eating together from a large bowl, with a few sides, where everyone is encouraged to try each dish.

*45% of consumers say the importance of ordering small plates is so that they can try many different options.

*OMNE x CGA 2023 – Hierarchy of Needs

Thai dishes are known for their multi-textural characteristics and utilising all 5 flavour combinations – salty, sour, sweet, spicy, and bitter making this a popular, on trend cuisine year on year.

78% of global consumers believe that food is all about enjoying a multi-sensorial experience (taste, colours, smell, texture, sounds etc.)

Jasmine Rice on your menus

  • The floral one: known for its stunning aroma with sweet notes
  • The light, fluffy, sticky texture creates a great option for many different dishes and cuisines
  • Best served as a base for stir fries or as a side dish
  • The perfect partner for both red and green Thai curries
  • Teams perfectly with common Thai flavours such as kaffir limes, green chilli & lemongrass
  • Not just for savoury use, Jasmine’s sticky grains make the perfect rice pudding.
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 Elevate your plate with the beautiful flavour and aroma of Jasmine Rice, with these simple and easy to follow instructions.

Jasmine rice holds a stickier, softer outer core with a slightly al dente middle, making the perfect base more traditional Thai stir fries and curries.

How to cook