National Rice Week 2018

National Rice Week is back and better than ever! We are proud to once again be supporting the week in celebration of the great grain itself.

The beauty of rice is its versatility; it can take on a number of flavours, meaning it’s a great ingredient to bulk up dishes, without compromising on taste. Not only can it be used to make starters, mains and desserts, but it’s also a gluten-free hero, and is a firm favourite among vegetarians and vegans.

We want to inspire chefs across the nation to put more of this versatile grain on menus, in different ways to what you’d expect, so we’ve put together a special collection of recipes using our speciality range that will help set your menu apart from the rest.

The range, which includes Arborio, Fragrant Jasmine, and Basmati & Wild, offers caterers an easy way to premiumise their existing dishes and create better profit margins.

To help you get in the spirit, we’ve created an eye-catching poster for you to print, personalise and display in your establishment during the week to showcase your rice dishes and make the most of this great profit opportunity.

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Feeling inspired? Why not try our…

Duck Breast with Curry-Infused Fragrant Jasmine Rice

Sliced grilled duck breast served on a bed of beautifully aromatic Tilda Fragrant Jasmine rice.

Recipe by Food Urchin, courtesy of Great British Chefs.


Garlic, Coriander & White Pepper Roast Chicken

A twist on the classic Hainanese poached chicken rice dish using exotic Tilda Basmati & Wild rice.

Recipe by Shu Han Lee, courtesy of Great British Chefs.


Vietnamese Clay Pot with Crispy Fish & Green Mango

Served with delicately flavoured coconut rice.

Created by Sheffield College student chefs, winners of Zest Quest Asia 2018.

Mango Rice Pudding

With Fragrant Jasmine rice and desiccated coconut.

Thai Smoked Chicken Broth with Fragrant Jasmine Rice

With bok choi, ginger and lemon grass.


Prawn Potsticker Dumplings
Prawn Potsticker Dumplings

With Fragrant Jasmine rice, tiger prawns, spring onions, garlic, ginger & soy

Basmati & Wild Rice Baked Tomato
Basmati & Wild Rice Baked Tomato

With slow cooked lamb neck, manchego cheese, anchovies, black olive, lamb jus

Smoked Haddock Coulibiac "Kedgeree"
Smoked Haddock Coulibiac “Kedgeree”

With curry spices, Basmati & Wild rice, spinach, egg and puff pastry

Truffle Arancini
Truffle Arancini

Deep fried Arborio rice balls with truffle, parmesan and a black garlic mayonnaise

Beetroot Risotto
Beetroot Risotto

Pickled beetroots, Arborio rice, taleggio & parmesan cheese, rocket & walnut pesto

Coconut Rice Pudding
Coconut Rice Pudding

With compressed mango & sorbet, honeycomb and pistachio crumble


Basmati & Wild Rice Blinis

An unusual and delicious appetiser that is sure to impress. Perfectly paired with a variety of toppings to tantalise the taste buds.



National Rice Week 2018

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