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Wholesome Takeaway Alternatives

08 April 2021

Wholesome Takeaway Alternatives

We’ve put together some tasty replacement recipes for you to try that can be prepared as quickly as it takes for a delivery to arrive.

Takeaway meals are becoming increasingly popular, with most people taking very little convincing to place an order with the local takeaway. Studies carried out by Cancer Research have shown that at least 79 million ready meals and 22 million fast-food and takeaway meals are consumed in Britain every week.(1)

Packed with salt, fat and sugar, a takeaway is notoriously known to many as their weekend cheat meal. When you’re trying to stick to a healthy diet or an exercise plan, it can feel hard to resist the convenience and flavours that come with placing a takeaway order after a long day. To help you avoid this temptation, we’ve put together some tasty replacement recipes for you to try that can be prepared as quickly as it takes for a delivery to arrive.

Indian fakeaway

There’s nothing quite like a flavoursome curry to celebrate another week of hard work coming to a close. Avoiding the take-away menu doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy this delicious treat.

Take a look at our deliciously easy Classic Chicken Curry recipe, the perfect serving for two layered with an abundance of flavour. After something with a fruity twist? Why not try our Chicken with a Fruit Curry sauce and Coconut Basmati Rice, ready in 20 minutes and easily adapted to your personal taste with different meats.

If you’re looking to try something new, or for a quick, healthy vegetarian alternative, our vegetable biryani, packed with flavour, could be the perfect choice for you!



Chinese fakeaway

Known for being one of the UK’s favourite takeaway options, Chinese food is also notoriously high in MSG. For a tasty, healthy alternative to a full-fat delivery, try our authentic Chicken Fried Rice, or Slow Roast Oriental Duck Breast.

For a tasty vegetarian dish, try our Vegetable Satay Skewers, coated in a rich peanut sauce, and perfect to serve with flavourful Coconut, Chilli & Lemongrass basmati rice.



Thai fakeaway

While many Thai dishes tend to be healthier than their Indian or Chinese counterparts, takeaways may still be packed with salt or sugar that can be avoided by recreating your favourite recipes at home. Take a look at this super healthy Thai Green Curry recipe! Perfect for any time of year, this simple dish can be adapted to contain as much goodness as you like – try adding kale or a little chilli for that extra heat.

Japanese fakeaway

Similar to Thai food, a Japanese take-away is known for being one of the healthiest you can find, due to the high volume of vegetables in the Japanese diet. That being said, you should keep an eye on the sodium content that takeaway style Japanese dishes can be notorious for.

Chicken, Shitake Mushrooms, Spring Onions and Miso Soup


Mexican fakeaway

Mexican food can be incredibly diverse and with many options available to you it can be difficult to distinguish the healthier dishes from those loaded with salt and fats.

To combat this, why not try recreating your favourite dishes at home? Try these tasty Chicken Tacos for yourself – full of vegetables and healthy beans, and easily portioned to match your dietary needs. Another classic, quick and easy dish to try is our delicious Chilli Con Carne, made healthier with turkey mince and a perfect filling for tortilla wraps to make fajitas!