From the foothills of the Himalayas, to humble beginnings in the UK, to an incredible 50 years filled with creating, sharing, and being committed to bringing you the finest quality rice.

Our story is only one tiny morsel in a deep dish of history. History that you bring to the table. We’re talking about those incredible traditions, recipes, flavours and culinary skills that your families have brought to our rice, passed down from generation to generation. That’s what makes a meal a meal. And it’s what’s led us to 50 years of doing our best, to bring you the finest quality rice.

We want to say a great big THANK YOU to all the wonderful people in this country who go above and beyond to create the best-tasting rice dishes and bring their much-loved family recipes to the table. It’s you who have helped us remain at the heart of so many dinner tables for 50 years and counting.

Our mission

We are on a mission to help everyone embrace life in all its flavours. Taste is our guiding principle. It’s what drives us every day to obsess over every grain, what pushes our plate to try new flavours, each time learning about different cultures.


We’ve always known that quality comes from only sourcing the finest quality rice and to this day ethical sourcing and quality assurance sits at the heart of all we do.

We hand-select premium grains to make sure only the best rice and ingredients are used in every Tilda pack. We don’t produce for anyone else, so only when it says Tilda on the pack, is it Tilda in the pack!


Rice is our sole focus at Tilda and we’re committed to bringing you products that perform on taste, consistency and inspiration, every time. We’re constantly innovating in our kitchens to bring you endless possibilities. Whichever culture you choose to dive into, and however you want to cook and enjoy your meal, Tilda makes it possible.

We can promise you that all Tilda products are:

    • ✓  Super tasty
    • ✓  Made with the highest quality ingredients
    • ✓  Vegetarian (mostly vegan)
    • ✓  Gluten Free
    • ✓  Authentic
    • ✓  Made with natural ingredients (no artificial colours, additives, preservatives, e numbers)

Our Journey

Did you know that the name Tilda is the amalgamation of the names - Tila and Daksha, two daughters of the founders?​

We started our journey back in 1970 when our founders, like many other families, came to Great Britain for a better future, bringing with them, Tilda Pure Basmati.

Since then we have continued to innovate and inspire consumers, becoming a household name and a multi-cultural brand loved by rice connoisseurs the world over.

It’s thanks to our dedicated and diverse team that we’re able to keep people inspired, trying new things, and enjoying life enriched by the cultures and flavours of the world.

Fun Fact: Rice is our thing. Food waste is not. To limit wastage in our production line we sell rice by-products for animal feed!

Take a scroll through our history

Here’s a snapshot of our most memorable moments from the past 50 years…


The year Tilda was founded.

Throughout the 70s, communities from all over the world arrived in Britain. They were looking for the authentic ingredients they loved back home so Tilda introduced the highest quality aromatic Basmati rice to the Western world. We were the first brand to do so, something we were and will always be incredibly proud of!


Curry was now a national favourite with consumers inspired to cook authentic Indian food at home, from biryani to dahl and korma to vindaloo. Tilda tapped into this growing popularity of curry and quality rice and strengthened its position as the leading Basmati brand.


We relocated to Rainham – just outside of London on the Thames Estuary – and built a state-of-the-art rice mill and packing hall. This remains the home of Tilda Ltd from where we supply our wide range of delicious rice and grains.


During the 90s, Tilda successfully launched in the Middle East and North America. Today, we’re proud to sit at the heart of dinner tables across more than 50 countries worldwide.


A packaging first! Committed to providing rice aficionados with quality products, we became the first rice brand to offer customers an easy to carry handle and a zip to lock in the freshness.


What could be better than delicious Tilda rice? Delicious Tilda rice that’s inspired by global cuisines and is easy to cook in 2 mins! In 2010 we opened a production facility in Rainham where we produce our much-loved Steamed Rice range, Super Grains range and Kids range.


We became a partner of the United Nations World Food Programme where for every specially marked Tilda Pure Basmati Rice pack purchased, we fund at least one nutrition-boosting meal for new and expectant mothers. The Tilda World Food Programme long term partnership has so far delivered 5.8 MILLION nutrition-boosting meals to mothers in need.


In 2014 Tilda was acquired by Hain Celestial – a leading organic and natural products company.


We launched our new exciting Tildalicious campaign to celebrate a world full of flavour and the diverse food cultures. We continue to inspire consumers to embrace new flavours and learn a little more about another culture with every bite.


In 2019 Tilda was acquired by EBRO Foods – the world’s leader in rice production.


A celebration of 50 incredible years full of creating, sharing, and being committed to bringing you the finest quality rice! We continue to strive to inspire consumers to enjoy the most flavourful and wonderful rice creations that have been bringing joy and excitement to dinner tables for generations and generations.

Our journey and commitment doesn’t stop here. We’ll continue to bring excitement and inspiration to your dishes, helping you celebrate a world full of flavour.

My Tilda

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