This year, we’re celebrating 50 years of Tilda. And we couldn’t have done it without you, our rice aficionados! We want to say a great big THANK YOU to the wonderful people in this country who go above and beyond to bring their culture-rich recipes to the table. It’s your heritage and your treasured recipes, passed from generation to generation, that has helped us remain at the heart of so many dinner tables for 50 years and counting.

We’ve created this page to celebrate your food memories, your family traditions and those special recipes that bring you and your loved ones so much joy.

Scroll down to read some of our favourite stories you’ve shared with us. And please, keep creating. Keep the story going.

'Your Flavourful Food Stories'
Recipe Book

Celebrating 50 years of your recipes, your stories, your Tilda moments

Marking half a century of supplying delicious rice, we’ve released ‘Your Flavourful Food Stories’, a book filled with recipes from all the people who helped make the brand the success it is today: the chefs who won’t serve anything else, foodies known for being on top of the latest trends and home cooks who serve up dishes with love. The book is dedicated to all those who go above and beyond to create the best-tasting rice dishes whether passed down through generations, inspired by their most memorable trip away or from their first discovery of the brand.

The book continues our partnership with The Felix Project, London’s leading food redistribution charity, which rescues good quality surplus food and delivers it to charities and schools for people in need. All the proceeds from the sales of this book will go directly towards helping get good food to people in need this Christmas and beyond.

Celebrating Your Wonderful, Flavourful Food Stories

Nostalgic memories of family meal-times and falling in love with food. From Mum’s oh so creamy rice pudding after school to trying scratch cooking for the first time and surprising yourself. It’s the people and the stories behind the meals that make it all so special. Thank you for your commitment and wonderful, flavourful stories. Here are some of our favourites that you’ve shared with us...

My First Dinner Party Curry

"I remember my first dinner party at my flat. Having never cooked for others before, I nervously attempted a Thai green curry with some Tilda Lime & Coriander Basmati Steamed Rice that I managed to pass off as my own! It was a fab night."

Mum’s Creamy Rice Pudding

"When we were kids, Mum would make rice pudding from scratch. We’d run home from school at lunchtime and tuck into a steaming bowl of creamy rice pudding. Even now, the smell of rice pudding reminds me of this time."

A Holiday Dinner to Remember

"I’ll never forget my holiday to Egypt. The hotel’s chef cooked the most delicious plate of fried fish with fluffy rice. Food for me is what makes a holiday, experiencing different cultures and flavours. It was the best dinner I’ve ever had abroad!"

Grandma’s Little Dumpling​

"Everything I know about cooking is thanks to my incredible Grandma. Growing up I’d follow her around the kitchen, watching in awe as she cooked from scratch. Her dumplings were my favourite, I used to love watching her expertly shape the dough."

Auntie’s Veggie

"In my auntie’s kitchen you’ll find a cupboard of staple ingredients like rice, pulses and pasta. In the garden you’ll find lots of veg. Mix these together and you get her go-to Mediterranean grilled platter of veg and rice or my favourite, her veggie omelette!"

A Mexican

"Growing up, it was always Mum and us kids whizzing something up in the kitchen but recently we were invited over for dinner and for the first time ever, Dad had cooked! It turns out he’s a complete natural and is now obsessed with Mexican cuisine!"

Celebrating the No.1 Cooks in Your Life

Inspiration comes in all manner of forms but often the best form is from a loved one. Here’s your chance to thank the no.1 cook in your life!

Ailsa Patton says…

“Me! My hubby had a huge brain stem stroke 2 years ago and I was told he’d be tube fed forever. Well, I love cooking and I’m very creative and persistent!! Now, he manages to enjoy soft food including my heavenly salmon or cod curry and rice, fish tagine and vegetable chilli – he’s an inspiration and I love him.”

Sana Salman says...

“My mom is the best cook in the world. She has magic hands that work miracles with food. I am a mother of three
and strive to be just like her.”

Mel Crumpton says…

“My mum makes the most amazing chicken curry from scratch. She uses only fresh ingredients and grinds all the spices to make the perfect base for the curry.”

Jan says…

“My number 1 cook is my sister. She knows exactly what each of the family like and cooks it to perfection.”

Becki Scholefield says…

“My partner is the best cook in my house. Unfortunately for him he’s always busy with work so he has to put up with my cooking! When he gets chance to cook, his meals are full of flavour, and always taste delicious. His Chicken Khari is currently our family favourite.”

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