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Feed your fussy eaters

08 April 2021


Handy tips and delicious recipes your little one will love!

Feeding your little ones a wholesome meal can be a bit of a challenge. Distractions like television and sugary snacks can turn time spent together as the dinner table into a daily battle, so stop the tantrums at the table and feed your fussy eaters genuinely good food with our simple tips and recipes.

Get them involved
Getting kids involved with the cooking stage will make them feel proud of their creations and excited to eat them. It’s also a good idea to involve variety and let kids pick from a bunch of healthy options. This could be choosing the ingredients to top homemade pizza or rice bowls, like peppers, tomatoes and avocados.

Invisible veggies
Cooking vegetables with eggs, sauces and soups can help disguise strong flavours and introduce new textures.
Our kids range has one of their 5-a-day in each pack, so your little ones can have a tasty dish, packed with goodness and full of their favourite flavours.

Decorate the plate
Make sitting down at the table fun with art made from dinner. Broccoli makes great miniature trees and you can create a rainbow of fruit for dessert for a healthy treat they’ll love to eat. You can turn our yummy Salmon Balls recipe into a football pitch – use spinach leaves as a base, mark out a pitch with sticks of red pepper, carrots and cucumber and use houmous dip for the centre spot!

Eat together
Being a good role model and enjoying the same healthy foods as your little one is the easiest way to show them how to make good choices when it comes to eating.

Try new things
Find fun ways to get them to try new ingredients. Kids are naturally wary of new flavours so introduce them slowly. The more times they try something, the more familiar it becomes and they will begin to feel more comfortable eating it. Try cooking the same ingredient different ways over a few days or serving with their favourite foods.

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