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Alfred Bruin

Technical Assistant

Alfred Bruin Alfred Bruin

Alfred (also known as Alfie) joined back in October 2019, just before the pandemic hit the UK and rice bags were flying off the shelves.

His role at Tilda involves:
– Working within the Technical department and closely monitors a range of key areas within the business including maintaining our HACCP and food safety systems, BRC accreditation and raw material approval and compliance

-He also takes care of the compliance of Tilda rice once it reaches the UK to both UK and EU standards. He assesses the rice for a number of parameters to ensure Tilda only pack the best authentic rice according to the Basmati code of Practice

-Another key responsibility is to ensure the traceability of our Basmati from the finished product back to raw material from India

What does Alfie love most about his job:

When joining, he had this perception (as most do) rice is just rice. Quite quickly he learnt this is not the case and each rice grain offers a unique set of characteristics, each suited to different cuisines and recipes. For example Basmati rice alone has over 50 varieties.

Alfie enjoys the challenge of the technical field which requires constant research and development of our processes to remain globally compliant and at the top of the market.

He enjoys taking part in rice studies, most recently working with universities on varietal rice aroma research.

Read our ‘Rice is not just rice‘ guide to help you select the best rice type depending on your dish.

Hobbies and Interests:
Alfie studied Molecular Biology at the University of Sheffield as he is super passionate about science and has worked in the food industry since his time at Tilda. Outside work, he loves to experiment with his culinary skills in the kitchen with Tilda Grand Extra-Long Basmati being his favourite kind of rice.