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See below our answers to some frequently asked questions that our customers ask.


Can I have some samples or coupons?
Unfortunately, we do not currently have any money-off coupons or samples that we can provide upon request. We do however have regular competitions and giveaways on our social pages, so please be sure to like our Facebook page for more information.

Nutritional & Dietary

Are your products gluten-free?

All of the rice that we supply, both dry and steamed, is gluten-free. Gluten is found in wheat or products containing wheat derivatives or rye, barley, oats, spelt, and kamut.

Are your products suitable for vegans?
Yes, our Tilda Pure Basmati, Tilda Grand Basmati, and Tilda Sona Masoori Dry rice are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.  


Can I freeze leftover rice?

Yes, simply defrost it and cook as normal to eat.

I always cook too much rice, what is the right serving size?
1/4 cup (45g) of dry rice per person.
What is the difference between Brown rice and Wholegrain rice?

There isn’t a difference.

Can I eat your steamed basmati straight from the pouch?

Our microwavable Tilda Steamed Basmati rice is cooked and sterilized in the pouch (the microwaving is merely a reheating process), so it is fine to eat it cold and straight from the packet.

Can I reheat your steamed basmati the next day?

Yes, however please ensure that you have stored your open packet in the refrigerator and that the rice is hot throughout the dish before consuming.

I do not have a microwave, can I heat your steamed basmati pouch another way?

Yes, simply empty your favorite flavor into a pan and stir fry for four minutes until it is heated through.