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Our approach to


We’re committed to safeguarding the long-term sustainability of Basmati rice farming.

At Tilda, we believe a great product comes from sourcing the finest quality
rice. Ethical sourcing and quality assurance sits at the heart of all we
do. Our ambition is to be one of the most inspiring and responsible rice
producers in the world.

We hand-select premium grains and make sure only the best rice and
ingredients are used in every Tilda pack. We don’t produce for anyone
else, so only when it says Tilda on the pack, is it Tilda in the pack!

We recognize that all our activities have some impact on the environment, and we look carefully at each step to limit that impact by making our footprint smaller. There is definitely more that we can do and that we will be doing.

Jonathan Calland—Head of Sustainability & External Affairs

How we manage

Recycling & Packaging

The packaging we use at Tilda is chosen to ensure the product reaches consumers in the safest condition possible.

Our contributions to

Communities & Good Causes

We are committed to supporting good causes and global communities. Find information below about some of the organizations we support and the good work they do.