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Our Impact

Our ambition is to be one of the most responsible rice producers globally and to be honest and transparent about our impact on people and the planet.

What are we doing?

As the world has recovered from the pandemic, new challenges have emerged impacting supply chains, local communities and climate change. We set out some of the issues that made headlines in 2022 and shaped our actions in response.

This Impact Report aims to increase the transparency of what we do – from the Himalayan foothills where our rice is grown to the communities we serve. It includes our new commitments to create a better future for society and the planet.


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Working With Our Farmers

Tilda has been working with 900 rice farmers in India to test innovative farming techniques that could transform the way rice is grown.

These techniques include Alternate Wet Drying (AWD), whereby farmers move away from the traditional rice farming method of continuously flooding paddy fields to ensure plant roots are submerged. This flooding generates high levels of greenhouse gas, methane, and uses large amounts of water and electricity.

On average this technique reduces water and energy use by 20% and greenhouse gas emissions by 50% or more as farmers can achieve multiple drying cycles due to the favourable soil conditions so their yields remain safe. It is a virtuous circle.

Benefits include:

Reduction in cost to our farmers
Reduction insects damaging the crop
Reduction in methane gases by up to half
Reduction in water use
Reduction in fungal diseases

Towards Net Zero

Since 2020, we have used 100% renewable electricity which means zero carbon emissions have been generated through electricity consumption at our UK sites.

Going forward, our focus will be on reducing energy consumption, switching to cleaner fuels and investing in low-carbon technologies.


Evolving Our Packaging

We’re determined to address the plastic challenge which involves joining forces with suppliers.

What we’re doing:

  • Moving to “recycle-friendly” mono materials for our block packaging to be compatible with recycling collection points in stores
  • Developing a 100% recyclable pouch for ready-to-heat products without risking product spoilage

Working with the community

Being part of a community is important to us which is why we partner with a range of organisations and give back when given the opportunity:

  • The Felix Project: Tilda supports The Felix Project by donating tonnes of rice each year to get food to the most vulnerable
  • Mary’s Meals: Partnering up means we’re able to support the feeding of two million children every school day in some of the world’s poorest countries
  • Eat them to defeat them: Worked with The Veg Power to encourage young children in the UK to consume more vegetables
  • Zest Quest: We partner with industry professionals to inspire and educate the next generation of
    budding chefs

We’re focused on maintaining quality. We’re committed to paying a premium for our rice to farmers who meet our strict quality and environmental standards and that will continue.

Jean-Philippe Laborde, Tilda MD

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Read our Impact Report to find out what we are doing as a business to play our part in tackling challenges.

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