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Can a curry be healthy?

10 April 2021

Can a curry be healthy?

We’ve put together some tasty replacement recipes for you to try that can be prepared as quickly as it takes for a delivery to arrive.

Despite what many people think, a curry can be a great addition to a healthy balanced lifestyle. Simply substituting your a delicious homemade version of your usual takeout order allows you to make the most of the good-for-you ingredients and ditch the fat. We’ve shared a handful of the health benefits to give you an insight into common curry spices.


Cumin contains a chemical that can block free radicals that are often are associated with the development of cancer and heart disease.


Ginger contains a lot of great antioxidants that help to fight off the inflammation and the virus in your body when you have a cold.


Cardamom supports the detoxification process in the body and can help to relieve joint and muscle pain.


One of the most beneficial spices, chillies boost blood circulation, lower blood sugar levels and help your body to burn fat.
For a healthy and delicious homemade recipe, try this simple chicken curry served with Tilda Pure Basmati.