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Home Recipes Tilda Arborio Rice Pudding and Jam

Tilda Arborio Rice Pudding and Jam

  • Easy
  • Serves 6 - 8
  • Tilda Arborio Rice Pudding and Jam

Serving Suggestion: Serve your rice pudding with the jam in a ramekin on the side.



  • 55g Tilda Arborio Risotto Rice
  • 2 tbsp white granulated sugar
  • 1 pint whole milk
  • 25g butter
  • A pinch of nutmeg
  • 142ml double cream


  • 1lb strawberries
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 lb white granulated sugar
  • 25g butter

  1. Mix together the Tilda Arborio rice, sugar, milk, butter, and nutmeg in a pan and boil until the mixture becomes thick.
  2. Add in the cream and stir until the liquid has all absorbed.
  3. Serve the rice pudding hot from the pan, or to form a skin on top of your pudding, bake in the oven for approx. 20 minutes.
  4. Boil the strawberries and lemon juice in a pan for 20-30 minutes.
  5. Add in the sugar and stir until it dissolves.
  6. Add the butter to the pan, stir and boil for a further 20 minutes.
  7. Remove the skin layer from the top of the jam and allow to cool and set in a jam jar.