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Marcus Coles

Chef, The White Hart Thatched Inn

The White Hart Thatched Inn, Carmarthen

Marcus Coles, chef at the White Hart Thatched Inn and Brewery in Llanddarog, Carmarthen, South Wales, has worked alongside his family at the pub for the last 17 years. Operating a ‘freshly prepared on site’ policy for all meals, the pub is keen to source local food, and even offers a selection of hand crafted fine traditional ales, lagers and stouts which are brewed on-site.

Consistently serving 80 evening covers a day, plus numerous lunchtime meals, regulars include many retired locals attracted by the good-value offering, with customers also travelling from further afield to celebrate special occasions at the pub.

When putting together his menu Marcus focuses on the importance of quality ingredients. He explains, “Our greatest consideration is the quality of our food, not so much the price, because customers will pay the money for good quality meals. With Tilda Arborio we know it’s the very best quality rice every time, plus it offers good profit margins, comes in an ideal size catering bag and is simple to cook with.”

Using Tilda Arborio in numerous dishes across his menu, Marcus notes “The most popular dishes on our menu tend to be seasonal – at the moment our paella and risotto dishes are firm favourites and we’ve developed a traditional rice pudding with Tilda’s Arborio Rice and strawberry jam, which we expect to be a best-seller come the winter months. Our customers are enjoying our new recipes, especially the risotto. It’s something different on the menu and ideal for customers who fancy a change – everyone who tries the risotto dish says that it’s lovely!”

With these popular dishes set to become permanent fixtures on the White Hart’s menu, Marcus reveals “Tilda Arborio Rice matters to the White Hart because it consistently gives a perfect result. We never have any problems, it cooks as it should and is so easy anybody can cook with it!”

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