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Steve Munkley

Executive Head Chef, The Royal Garden Hotel

The Royal Garden Hotel, London

Working at the prestigious Royal Garden Hotel for over 14 years, Executive Head Chef Steve Munkley is well accustomed to the catering needs of an esteemed London 5 star hotel. With no one day ever the same, Steve works hard to maintain the level of excellence that is reflected throughout the establishment in the hotel’s cuisine. From club sandwiches in the lounge to gourmet dinners in the Park Terrace Restaurant or buffet catering for Premier League football teams, Steve maintains a level of consistent distinctive quality no matter what the dining requirement.

With covers reaching up to 3000 a day at the Royal Garden, Steve relies on only the very best ingredients to deliver the wide range of dishes created in the kitchen each day. The number one consideration of the distinguished Head Chef is the quality of the produce he is using and with a vast quantity of Basmati rice already used this year, Steve looks to Tilda to supply him with the very best quality rice available. Steve states: “We have to consider so many different menus here at the Royal Garden so I only look for ingredients I know are going to continually give a faultless result. Tilda rice is one of the few ingredients I absolutely insist on having in the kitchen. I have used cheaper rice alternatives in the past and it has produced terrible results which I am not happy to serve to my customers.”

A hugely important and widely used menu item at the hotel, Tilda’s Basmati Rice provides Steve with the consistently reliable quality product he can serve to his discerning customers; “The most important thing to me is to satisfy their needs and meet their expectations with the food I’m serving. Using Tilda Basmati Rice makes cooking and serving rice easier, I can always trust Tilda to deliver perfect results every time we cook it. Take the Royal Garden Chicken Biryani and the Blyborough Pork Belly with Saffron Basmati Rice dishes I have developed; very different dishes but both relying on top quality ingredients and balance of flavours.” Steve continues, “I will continue to only use Tilda rice and would recommend it to any chef looking to serve consistently delicious and quality dishes.”