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Jean-Philippe Bidart’s

Head Chef, The Millbrook Inn


As winner of the Tilda Kitchen Team and overall Pub Chef of the Year categories at this year’s Great British Pub Food Awards, Head Chef Jean-Philippe Bidart’s (or JP as he is better known) passion for excellent quality and his deserved success and reputation is designating the Millbrook Inn as a hotspot for locals and tourists alike.

As Head Chef for over 2½ years, JP’s mission is to create delicious, honest and interesting dishes daily, with the help of very carefully selected, high quality and, where entirely possible, locally sourced ingredients. Situated just a few hundred yards from the Salcombe Estuary, the current menu at the Millbrook is an enticing selection of British and French inspired dishes with a strong focus on fresh, locally sourced fish. The quality, taste and appeal of the locally sourced ingredients is matched by Tilda’s Arborio Rice that is used to create the delicious Start Bay Crab, Chiperones and Squid Ink Risotto dish. Risotto always a staple on the Millbrook menu, JP comments, “Risotto is always a popular choice on the menu and so easy to update seasonally. You can create a really impressive, delicious dish so easily using a few fresh, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and Tilda Arborio Rice – it is so easy to cook with.”

Another rice JP is keen on is Tilda Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Rice claiming, “It is so easy to work with. Tilda Easy Cook Basmati & Wild Rice goes with so many ingredients and is perfect with fish, poultry, meat, vegetables – anything! It keeps its flavour consistently with a lovely nutty taste and texture. Tilda rice is a fantastic substitute for other heavier carbohydrates like potatoes and pasta, it is healthier, absorbs the flavours of the dish and doesn’t leave the customer feeling uncomfortably full. Rice is also gluten free and therefore the perfect option to serve diners with allergies.”

A hugely important factor to the Millbrook Inn is looking after their local suppliers. It is no surprise therefore that JP recognises Tilda’s fair play credentials agreeing, “The fact that Tilda looks after its Basmati farmers sits well with how the Millbrook is run, you know that if the farmers are happy they will produce the best rice which in turn also means the best product for us.”


Risotto is the perfect dish to include on the menu as it can be updated so easily according to the season and creates a great vegetarian option.

Tilda Rice is a perfect substitute for potatoes or pasta– it doesn’t leave customers feeling as full and beautifully absorbs flavours of the dish.

Tilda Rice is an excellent healthy option and also perfect to serve to allergy sufferers – there is no cholesterol, it is very low in fat and it is gluten free.