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Sweet and Sour Chicken Snack Pots

Sweet and Sour Chicken Snack Pots

Top Tip:  For a variation of rice pots, try with chicken curry or chilli con carne.

  • Easy
  • Serves 20 children




  • 1kg Tilda Brown & White Rice
  • 8 chicken breasts, cut into small cubes
  • 870g tinned pineapple in juice
  • 1 green pepper, finely sliced
  • 1 red pepper, finely sliced
  • 8 large spring onions, sliced
  • 1 large carrot, grated
  • 2 tbsp tomato puree
  • 6 tbsp tomato ketchup
  • 6 tbsp rice vinegar
  • 4 tbsp soft brown sugar
  • 3 tbsp soy sauce
  • 1 tsp dried ginger
  • 800ml water
  • 3 tbsp cornflour
  • 2 tbsp olive or sunflower oil
  • Seasoning, to taste


  1. Bring a large pan of water to the boil, add the rice and return to a medium boil. Cook for 20-25 minutes depending on required texture. Drain well and keep hot.

  2. In a large pan or wok, heat the oil and stir fry the chicken on a medium heat until browned and cooked through. Remove with a slotted spoon and set aside.

  3. Add the peppers and spring onions to the pan and cook until tender. Then add the grated carrot, tomato puree, ketchup, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce and dried ginger.

  4. Remove the pineapple from the juice, cut into small chunks and set aside. Pour the pineapple juice into the pan along with the water.

  5. Add a little water to the cornflour in a small dish to make a thin paste, then stir into the sauce and add the chicken. Stir and cook over a low to medium heat for 10 minutes. Add the pineapple before serving.

  6. To serve, fill two thirds of the disposable cup with hot rice and top with the sweet and sour chicken. Alternatively the rice and sauce can be mixed together before serving.

  7. Add a fork and serve!