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Tilda Celebrates 50 Years and we’re thanking you!

15 April 2021

50th banner

Tilda is celebrating an incredible 50 years of bringing the finest quality rice to professional kitchens.

In a journey that began in the foothills of the Himalayas and continues here in the UK, the rice people are using this special year to thank the people who have supported them through five decades of speciality rice – our foodservice friends.

Tilda is the amalgamation of the names Tila and Daksha, the daughters of the founders who brought the now best-selling Basmati to the UK 50 years ago.

Over the decades the company has grown, with Tilda becoming the trusted rice company for chefs and caterers all over the world. Helping professionals everywhere explore a world of exciting cuisines and flavours.

To mark the milestone Tilda will be firing up the celebrations over the next 12 months with a string of exciting activities, and giving back to the hospitality community that has supported them so much.

“Our anniversary is a massive milestone and a reason to celebrate throughout foodservice. We want to thank everyone for working with us, appreciating quality when they see it and knowing the value Tilda adds when creating authentic dishes – particularly through these challenging times. We’re lucky to think of so many Tilda chefs as friends and we want to say a big thank you to them.”

Annette Coggins, Head of Foodservice, Tilda UK