Top 5 tips to be Big Hearted

by Carole Ann Rice

So often we think that happiness equates to the big things in life, like holidays, weddings or buying a new car or house. But happiness is a fleeting moment that by its very nature is passing, and therefore something we are in eternal pursuit of.

1. Share a smile
It may seem small but one persons smile can inspire another’s… and another’s! The power of a single smile can spread far and wide so don’t underestimate the difference your positive attitude can make to others.

2. Say thank you
However you do it – whether that’s verbally, over email, or even a handwritten note – make sure you do. Saying thank you in one form or another will let them know you appreciate what they’ve done and give them a sense of purpose.

3. Cook for someone
Treating someone you care for to a home cooked meal can make a huge difference
to their day, especially if they’re feeling a little under the weather. Try recreating their favourite dish or get inspired by the genuinely good recipes in the Big Hearted Cookbook.

4. Offer a helping hand
Got a family member or friend who has been avoiding a difficult task? Or perhaps they are nervous about a hospital appointment? Help out where you can: Make plans to help them get organized, go with them to an appointment or offer emotional support.

5. Pay it forward
If something good happens in your day, why not show your gratitude by paying it forward. Pay for a drink for the next person in line at the coffee shop, pick up some extra cupboard essentials and donate them to a food bank, there are endless ways to make a difference.

Little and often is the key to sustained happiness and enjoyment of life. Make one small effort each day to be Big Hearted and take pleasure in each other’s happiness.

That is why it is important to find pleasure and appreciation in small things. Research suggests being helpful to others works as an instant pick me up so why not try our simple ways to make someone’s day to give you both a happiness boost.