Tilda’s Top 6 Tasty BBQ Recipes

The spring bank holidays are upon us, which means there are plenty of extra days off for everyone to enjoy the sun ahead of summer. So make the most of the warm weather by getting in the garden, and fire up the BBQ!

We all know BBQ food is packed with flavour and the time taken to cook is generally much faster, so take a look at our latest tastelist, packed with recipe ideas that everyone can enjoy outside.

We haven’t forgotten that British summers can be pretty unpredictable, BBQs can quickly turn into indoor picnics. So we’ve made sure our list of delicious recipes still taste amazing come rain or shine!

Peri Peri BBQ Chicken

For a hot, smokey blend, coat your chicken in our sweet BBQ glaze, baste while you’re cooking to get the full fire-y flavour and pair with the peppery heat of our new Limited Edition Peri Peri Steamed Basmati. For a vegetarian alternative you can try with chopped mushrooms or grilled halloumi cheese. The fruity slaw is the perfect partner for any BBQ dish, read how to make it here.


Creole Style Prawn Jambalaya

This dish is quick and easy to prepare, and also hits two of your five a day! We recommend teaming it with our brown Basmati. The firmer grains of the wholegrain rice have a nuttier taste, creating an ideal match to the barbecued prawns, fresh vegetables and grilled chorizo.

Halloumi & Vegetable Salad

Make the most of your squeaky cheese with this versatile recipe. To grill your halloumi, it’s best to rub the outside with some oil and to cook it quickly over a very hot direct heat until it’s nicely chargrilled. Try adding some seasoning such as oregano and lemon to mix it up a bit! And if you want to put your own twist on the dish, why not turn it into the perfect veggie burger?

Vegetable Satay Skewers

After reading this recipe, you are bound to have a new summer favourite for the grill. These sweet, crunchy vegetables coated with a rich, nutty sauce, are best served with our Coconut, Chilli and Lemongrass Basmati rice. Ideal for vegetarians, or if you follow a flexitarian diet, try with fish or chicken.

Quick and Easy Paella with Chicken and Prawns

Paella is MADE to be enjoyed in the sunshine. Our modern one-pot take on the traditional summer dish is perfect for any BBQ and doesn’t compromise ANY of the authentic Mediterranean flavour. Simply start by cooking your rice, add your Chicken and Prawns and to finish, stir fry in your veg! One bite, and you’ll be dreaming of the Spanish coast!

Courgette Rice Salad

Our top tip with this dish is to cook with a light drizzle of oil and cut into smaller pieces while on the grill. This will capture a delicious smokey flavour! Add crunchy seeds and herbs to complete this simple dish. This works both as a main or as a side at your BBQ.

To see the full list of recipes in our BBQ month tastelist click here. Or if you’re looking for some more summer inspiration check out our favourite dishes to enjoy al fresco.