Ten minute yoga with Steffy White

There are so many benefits to yoga, from stretching and strengthening your muscles to calming your busy mind. Steffy White is an international yoga teaching and between jetting around the world teaching classes, she shared her top five yoga postures with us. If you’re short on time, they’re perfect for squeezing into your day. Try them in the morning to energise yourself with a ten minute yoga workout* and get your day off to the best possible start!


Don’t be nervous – you can take this one slowly. The foundations of this pose are very important and if you aren’t ready to go upside down, don’t force yourself. If you’re a beginner, keep your toes on the floor and start to walk your feet towards you, bringing them in closer each time you try it. Be patient with this one, it’s a step-by-step process. The headstand position has so many benefits. One of the main ones is that by going upside down (inverting), it brings new blood flow to the brain. If you’re feeling lethargic or tired, you can do a headstand and it essentially feels like an espresso shot.

Downward facing dog

This position is really simple and just by coming into the posture, not only are you working your arms, legs and core, but it’s a great chance to focus on your breathing. Just holding it for ten slow breaths is a great way to calm the mind. The aim is to create an inverted v shape with your body. If you’re finding it difficult, bring your heels off the floor and bend your knees.

Side plank

This posture is a great everyday pose as it works your arms and core. Keeping your hip high is important; you’re aiming to create a curve with your body. If you’re finding it too difficult to hold, come down to your forearm or bring you inside knee to the floor. That will take away some of the pressure whilst still working your obliques.

Upward facing dog

This is a posture that a lot of people get wrong. It has lots of great benefits, but only when done correctly. Your hips and knees should be off the floor, pressing down with your palms. It’s great for stretching and aiding digestion, it can help with cramps and it brings a lot of strength into your arms and your back too.

Boat pose

Also called Nevasana, the Boat pose builds strength in your core and back. It also takes determination to hold it for a long time so why not challenge yourself – each time you practise it, hold the pose for an extra couple of breaths.

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*Consult a doctor before beginning an exercise regime