Read our blog post full of ten better choices for a happier and healthier life

Ten better choices for a happier and healthier life

There are plenty of opportunities for fresh starts throughout the year so there’s no need to wait till January first to make positive changes in your life. Why not make the start of a new season, a month or a week count and start embracing new, positive habits that can lead towards a happier and healthier life?

Here are our top ten choices for happy and healthy living:

1. Be thankful

Make the people in your life feel appreciated. An act of kindness deserves thanks, and showing someone how grateful you are will remind you to appreciate all the lovely little things that happen each day.

2. Get active

Exercise is proven to release feel-good endorphins that can be an effective way to feel more positive and relaxed. Why not try lifting your mood by going for a brisk walk, dancing around to your favourite song or doing some yoga?

3. Make someone smile

Sometimes the most fulfilling gift is making someone else happy. It doesn’t need to be a grand gesture, but can be as simple as letting someone know you are thinking of them.

4. Be optimistic

A positive mental attitude leads to a brighter overall outlook! Seeing the glass as half full as opposed to half empty can help you feel good in the present. Focus your energy on celebrating the positives rather than dwelling on the negatives.

5. Reconnect

Chatting with friends and loved ones can be therapeutic. If a catch-up with a good friend is long overdue, why not meet up for coffee or arrange a good time to call if they live far away. Talking through any worries or problems you have, or just reminiscing good memories can help brighten your mood.

6. Laugh everyday

Behaving happier can lead to becoming happier. Laughing is infectious, so why not spread some joy by sharing a joke or sharing some of your favourite YouTube videos.

7. Make a difference

Switching your attention from feeling bad to doing good can propel you into positive living. Help others by getting involved in your community and volunteer your skills and experience towards a good cause.

8. Treat yourself

Whether it’s having a relaxing candle lit bath, going out for dinner at your favourite restaurant or taking sometime out of your day to read a new book – a little treat goes a long way for your mental wellbeing.

9. Eat well

Eating a balanced diet provides the body with essential nutrients to keep you healthy and feeling good. Some foods can even brighten your mood. Why not whip up our tasty Salmon & Broccoli Pilaff? It’s full of good for you ingredients.

10. Breath

Breathing slowly and regularly with a 10-second rhythm (5 seconds on the in-breath and 5 on the out) can help you feel more relaxed and positive. Taking a few minutes each day to simply breath and clear your mind can help you to maintain a positive attitude.