Steffy White, Yoga Instructor

Steffy fronts Useful Yoga, a series of yoga tutorials on Youtube with over 115,000 subscribers, and is also a Lululemon ambassador. As a yoga teacher she regularly posts yoga videos, healthy recipes perfect for pre and post workout, guided meditations, positive affirmations and lots of tips for achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle on her website. She spent her late teens and early twenties working as an actress mostly in TV. But she started to find herself going to yoga. She went on to yoga teacher training in India with The Yoga People.

She is now a 500 hour advanced yoga teacher, teaching Rocket Yoga, Mandala flow, Yin Yoga, Vinyasa flow, Meditation and Chakra philosophy. She’s founded White Light Yoga – WLYLondon, with retreats for your mind, body and soul. White Light Yoga has a focus on community and uplifting one another, with workshops, retreats and gatherings around the world, this beam of White Light is on a mission to share beautiful moments to uplift your life and help you connect to your authentic self.