Gluten free and dairy free meals for kids

Preparing gluten or dairy free meals for your kids can be difficult so we’ve put together some suggestions to help inspire your creativity in the kitchen. Remember, just because they are gluten or dairy free it doesn’t mean they have to go without their favourite dishes, you just need to find the substitutes they like best.

Dairy free

Breakfast: Kids love cereal and there are plenty out there that are great for a dairy free diet. Watch out cereals that include dried milk though! Why not give the kids Shreddies with some rice milk for brekkie?

If Sunday is Pancake Day in your household, swap cow’s milk for almond milk to whip up a pancake storm that will put a smile on your little one’s face.

Lunch: Instead of a plain ham and cheese wrap, why not prepare some BBQ chicken and veggie wraps for the kids, this will be both nutritious and filling! If you need creative tips, see our lunchbox inspiration article.

Dinner: How about dairy free risotto? Just switch out the butter for olive oil and you’ll have a dish the whole family will enjoy. If you want to make dessert why not try raw brownie bites? Perfectly healthy and dairy free!

Snacks: Air popped popcorn instead of butter popcorn, fresh fruit skewers or dried fruit even potato crisps can make a great dairy free snack.

Gluten free

Breakfast: Start the day off well by giving the kids a bowl of Cheerios and milk. Or if your little one wants a hot breakfast, why not try poaching some eggs and serving them with some crispy gluten free bacon? Alternatively, you could try our rice pudding breakfast bowl, a perfect light and fruity start to the day.

Lunch: School lunches can sometimes get a little bit repetitive so why not give them something to be excited about and send them to school with some sloppy joes? Pop a few tablespoons of mincemeat in a Tupperware and pack them with a gluten-free bread roll.

Dinner: A stir fry is a great gluten free meal because it can be so versatile. Why don’t you try a quick and easy chilli con carne? Stir fry turkey mince with Tilda’s gluten-free Mexican chilli and bean rice? You can also add in as many veggies as you like, providing the whole family with a healthy and nutritious meal. If they have a sweet tooth and fancy some dessert, gluten free strawberry cupcakes are delicious! 

Snacks: Instead of bagels, cakes and cookies, try carrots and hummus, raisins, rice crackers and gluten free pretzels.