Summery Rice Salad

Grab a ray of sun wherever you are with Tilda Limited Edition Summery Rice Salad. Made with pure basmati and nutty red rice, combined with lemon, chickpeas, mint, and a pinch of Za’atar spice for extra zing. Try a simple rice salad with onions, olives and feta or find your own style.

Whether it’s a park picnic, adding a fresh breeze to mid-week meals, or a barbecue with family and friends, get ready to jump into summer!

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We’ve teamed up with top foodies on Instagram to bring you fresh and tasty Summery Rice Salad ideas.

Laura Field @food_stylist_

‘I made a quick Tilda Summery Rice Salad (literally ready in 30 secs) @tildarice to go with my BBQ’d lamb chops, chimichurri and lemon, olive oil yogurt. The rice already has chickpeas, red rice, lemon, mint and za’atar so added some avocado, cucumber, coriander and feta, it’s a great base for any light summery meal, how would you serve yours?’

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Rosana McPhee @rosana_mcphee

‘Summer is almost upon us and the joy of BBQ with it! I love rice, I was brought up eating rice and I found this limited edition @TildaRice Summery Rice Salad super tasty. It makes a substantial centrepiece at any table as summer dish as it’s so versatile. The combination of pure basmati rice, nutty red rice, chickpeas, lemon, mint and a pinch of Za’atar makes for an exceptional canvas to add your favourite ingredients. Or just eat it as it is! .

It’s super quick to prepare. It takes only 1 minute in a stir fry pan. I added some more zing to it: lime juice, fresh chopped Jalapeño peppers, quail eggs and barbecued squid, to make a light lunch, accompanied by Chinese leaves also lightly barbecued and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.’

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Rachel Phipps @missrachelphipps

‘Barbecuing today so I made a really quick & easy rice salad with @tildarice new Summery Rice Salad, packed with onions, chickpeas, herbs and za’atar. It’s perfect for great, last minute sides when you’re entertaining (or just if you’re grilling in a weeknight!) and totally vegan and gluten free. I combined two pouches (to serve 4-6 people) with 250g chopped cherry tomatoes, 100g chopped black olives, 120g crumbled feta, a large handful of chopped fresh mint, salt, pepper, and a squeeze of fresh lemon to go alongside grilled tomatoes and pork chops for a garden lunch! Find them in all major supermarkets and stock up for the barbecue season!’

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Lucy Parissi @supergolden88

‘I have been a fan of @tildarice since forever so I was very excited to try their new Limited Edition Summery Rice Salad. It’s made with pure basmati rice, nutty red rice, plus chickpeas, lemon, herby mint and a pinch of Za’atar spice and ready in just 30 seconds! Simply add some grilled halloumi and a lemon yoghurt tahini dressing to make a satisfying summer dish that’s BBQ perfect. It’s also awesome with grilled veggie kebabs, barbecued aubergines and so many more #vegetarian dishes. How will you serve it? #ricesalad #tildalicious’

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