​Simple ideas for your party menu

Whether you’re hosting a party yourself or have been asked to contribute to the buffet table, planning your perfect recipes can feel like a lot of pressure. At Tilda, we’ve put together some of our favourite savoury and sweet party foods to help make your decision feel a lot easier. Don’t forget to take a look at our Simple Party Food Tastelist for more inspiration.

Snacks and Finger Food

For easy portion control and sharing, it’s always a good idea to start out your evening with individual finger foods or a nice selection of nibbles, crisps and dips. Why not try making your own corn tortillas in just 7 simple steps with our easy recipe. Pair them with a pinto bean, rice, green chilli and lime salad or a salsa for a buffet treat or as a tasty party snack.

Alternatively, kebabs and skewered food that can be picked up without any fuss are a great way to make sure party guests are eating and able to continue mingling. We’d recommend our Chicken Teriyaki, or the Vegetable Satay Skewers for a vegetarian alternative.

If you’d like to bring a little more culinary flair to the table, impress your guests with homemade sushi. While this might seem like a daunting task, we’ve created two recipes to help you simply and quickly create this signature Japanese dish. Try the edamame, spring onion, wasabi and salmon sushi, or the vegan friendly tofu, quinoa and brown rice sushi recipes.

Sharing dishes

Setting out warm, sharing dishes will guarantee your party guests will flock back to the buffet table, but finding recipes that would suit everyone can often be a challenge in itself. Our perfect chicken curry could be just the solution. Healthy, packed full of flavour and with just the right levels of heat and sweetness, this recipe can be easily mixed with different spices and herbs to suit your preferred tastes.

If you’re struggling for time, or running out of saucepans to create your perfect party menu, why not try a tasty, one-pot chilli? Also a delicious filling for warm fajitas, our quick and easy chilli con carne recipe could be an excellent addition to your table.

Vegetarian party foods can often be the trickiest to plan. If you’re after a meatless menu that isn’t just a salad, take a look at our quick, easy to prepare moroccan vegetable pilaf or a Lebanese Warm Rice Salad. These light, flavoursome, Middle-Eastern inspired recipes are the perfect dish for sharing.

Alternatively, a hearty mushroom stroganoff with a creamy sauce and a healthy serving of spinach and shallots can hold its own against any meaty stew, and will leave your veggie guests comfortably full and without food envy.


An important part of any menu are the desserts on offer. With many recipes to choose from, requiring varying levels of skill and, in some cases even an art degree, you may be feeling equally as uncertain about the sweet treats you’re planning to serve for your guests.

Thankfully, we have a few quick and simple recipes to try or to spark a little inspiration for you to create your own. It’s clear that nobody can resist a gooey brownie, and with our chocolate, butter bean, pecan and rice flour recipe even your gluten-free party goers can get stuck in!

For a little festive flare, why not try our rice and mincemeat filo tarts – delicious with a dollop of brandy butter, perfectly sized for a light after-dinner treat and with a sprinkle of icing sugar they can bring a little sparkle to any buffet.

If you’re looking for a little modern twist on the classic, take a look at our delicious individual salted caramel rice puddings, blending sweet and savoury for double the flavour and fun for all of your party guests.

Remember, if you’re looking for more simple party recipes you can take a look at our Party Food Tastelist, and don’t forget to share your buffet snaps with us at our social media links below.